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Building Web Applications

Building Web Applications is a seminar that explores the technical and logistical concerns of planning, constructing, and deploying a data-driven interactive web site. Students have the opportunity to apply the principles learned in computer science classes to real-world development problems, merging theory with current practice.

Through readings, discussion, and coding, participants examine how the necessary components of a web application are influenced by two principles. First, applied software engineering requires constant consideration of compromises among the constraints that shape development, such as time, space, and money. Second, web applications embody a distributed and disconnected model.

In addition to these ongoing discussions, the class covers technical fundamentals on a week-by-week basis. These include relational databases, data modeling, form-based interactivity, overcoming statelessness, user management, application architecture, logical security, and using web services. Additionally, the course looks at larger issues in application design and deployment, such as caching, traffic analysis, interface design, usability testing, collaborative development, and physical security.

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