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Over the weekend we launched the “Ningbar” – what Diego, Brian, and the rest of the crew at Ning have been cranking away on for while.

The Ningbar is not just a replacement for the sidebar that used to accompany all Ning apps. It’s the control center for getting the most out of Ning, whether you’re using an app, cloning an app (which now takes just exactly 2 clicks), or writing code behind an app. In the Ningbar, you can get stats about the app you’re using (who else uses it, what do your friends do on the app), check your messages or send messages to others, customize your apps, or clone the app you’re looking at.

Of course (we wouldn’t have it any other way!) the Ningbar is completely customizable and programmable. You can tweak every aspect of its appearance and behavior. And because the Ningbar sits on top of our open Javascript and REST APIs, what the Ningbar can do is only limited by what cool stuff you can think of to build. (This panel showing the current weather was a fun quick hack.)

Gina’s post on the Ning blog has lots of screen shots and gives some more background on Ningbar goodies. As always, has the programming and API details for how to make the Ningbar do your bidding. In particular, check out the sections on our new Javascript APIs and interface customization.

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