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I'm 200, You're 200

I got my OSCON proposal (“I’m 200, You’re 200: Codependency in the Age of the Mashup”) in under the wire. The theme of the talk is thinking about all the dependencies your web app has – some you’re probably aware of and some you’re not – as well as strategies for minimizing those dependencies and routing around failure.

I’ve got a bunch of examples I’m planning on talking about (if the talk is accepted), but I’d be interested to hear other folks’ experiences in solving related problems – do you have novel methods for caching information, application or network architecture, code structure, or anything else that helps you layer reliability onto a distributed set of resources not all under your control? Let me know!

OSCON is getting bigger every year – it’s interesting to see it grow as the world of open source encompasses more and different kinds of hackers, business people, and others. Like Adam, I’m not picking PHP track talks this year for OSCON, so you can consider this post a relatively unbiased conference plug.

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