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Password Safe + Pageant

My preferred SSH client for Windows is PuTTY. One of the reasons why I like it is that it comes with an authentication agent, Pageant. When Pageant starts up, it loads up my SSH keys and prompts me for their passphrases. When I use PuTTY to SSH somewhere, if Pageant has an authorized key, it jumps in and supplies the right info so I don’t have to enter a password or a key phrase.

For storing passwords and other goodies, I use Password Safe. It’s a “vault” that stores information in a Blowfish-encrypted, passphrase protected file. When I need a password, I can run Password Safe and grab it.

While each of these tools are handy on their own, I would be even happier if I could put my SSH keys into Password Safe and have it do the authentication agent magic that makes Pageant so swell. I have very little experience with Win32 or MFC programming, so perhaps this would be a good project to learn on. Unless, among the hordes of readers, there is a Win32 whiz that wants to try…

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