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New Job!

I’ve taken a full-time job as a Software Architect with 24 Hour Laundry.

Since winding down Student.Com and TVGrid.Com in 2001, I’ve been keeping quite busy as a freelance consultant – writing a few books, giving lots of conference presentations, writing code and offering advice to many different clients.

I’m stepping off the consulting merry-go-round, however, for a full-time job with a company chock full of great ideas and smart, friendly people. My job involves a lot of things I know how to do well and also learning a lot of new stuff: an ideal situation. I’ll have more to say in the coming weeks and months about specifics of what I’m working on.

A current focus is hiring. So if you get great satisfaction from making the digital trains run on time, let me know. We’re looking for a Director of Operations.

(Also, I should point out, that anything I say here on this blog is just my opinion, doesn’t necessarily officially represent 24HL (unless it’s a brilliant eternal truth that all humanity aspires to), etc. etc. etc.)

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