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PEAR DB 1.6.0 at NYPHP

Dan Convissor gave a talk last night at NYPHP about the newly released PEAR DB 1.6.0.

The big changes/improvements seem to be mostly focused on portability: testing is standardized across the different backends and there are a number of DB_PORTABILITY_* options that smooth the differences between various databases.

In almost every conversation about database abstraction layers (including last night) this question comes up: “So what if it makes it easy to switch the database my app runs on? That happens so infrequently!” Dan made the interesting point that a system like PEAR DB is useful for folks (like him) who are distributing apps they’ve written and they want those apps to be useable on as many databases as possible. Individual users aren’t switching databases, but the application (sort of) is.

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